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Stone Gathering is a personally financed labor of love. It springs from an unwavering belief in what literature, especially short literature, can do in people’s lives and in the world. From it’s envisioning three years ago to this week when we shipped our 12th issue, Stone Gathering has been intended as a literary expression of kindness and generosity, an act of good will and good faith directed to a wider audience than is typically imagined and courted for literary collections.

It has been lonely work during the pandemic. But I have happily and dutifully continued to produce issue after issue, even as revenues have waned and many costs have increased. I don’t want you to worry about our future, however. I have great faith in Stone Gathering and the still growing number of open hearts and minds it reaches. But I must be bold now and ask for your help in whatever ways you are able to give it.

Below find some things you can do to help sustain this project. The links you need for some of these actions are at the bottom of the page.

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  • Give the gift of Stone Gathering
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  • Recommend Stone Gathering to your college, university, or public librarian in charge of acquisitions.
  • Recommend Stone Gathering to friends, family, your writing group, coffee group, book club, etc. Ask about a book club discount.
  • Post about (testify on behalf of) Stone Gathering on social media and invite friends to like Stone Gathering’s facebook page.
  • Host a Stone Gathering gathering, in person if it feels safe to do so. (You know I love a road trip, so I’ll attend if I can, possibly even drive long distances, if enough gatherings can be arranged on the road to and from yours). Or, gather virtually if you are a zoomer. (I am not.) For more information on gathering around Stone Gathering email and private message me via the links in CONTACT bar above.
  • Consider making a small (non-tax-deductible) donation. Click on the “thanks a latté” link below. Even $5–the price of a coffee drink–can help sustain this loving work. Thank you.

Here are some quick-buy links. Two notes: 1) Prices are for shipping within the continental United States only. 2) These are single item purchases. To order multiple items and receive combined/reduced shipping, or if you have any difficulties in the online store, please email your order to danidufy at gmail dot com. You’ll receive an invoice which you may then pay online or by mail.

Thank you!