Stone Gathering, Too

Stone Gathering, Too is the new, more practical, and more sustainable iteration of Stone Gathering. While Stone Gathering, Too forgoes the artistic (and expensive) perfect-bound format of its predecessor, it remains Stone Gathering through and through–with the same carefully curated content, the same striving toward loveliness, the same grounding in generosity and kindness, the same mission to reach a wider readership for short literature. And, thanks to its more modest format and cost, that objective is more reachable than ever. Like Stone Gathering, Stone Gathering, Too is a print-only publication. It is available almost exclusively by subscription.

Back issues are always available, either through back-subscribing, or as individually purchased catch-up issues. Email danidufy at gmail dot com for more information.

**Our mission remains reader (vs. writer) oriented. We reprint previously published work in carefully curated collections with the intention of increasing readership for short literature.  We do not operate as a platform for new writing, and we do not accept submissions.