Sponsor Profiles: Small Businesses

What do Stone Gathering, Too’s first small business sponsors have in common? A lot. Well… first, they all happen to be women business owners who support other women in business. And they’re all committed to their communities and do everything they can to support other small businesses, which sustains the local economy, which keeps dollars where they belong. These business owners shop locally, spend locally, and give locally. Bless them. And please take the time to learn more by clicking on their business logos below. They’ve earned our support. Let’s return the favor.

Issue Sponsor: Midwest Family Eye / Dr. Jacqueline McCall

Midwest Family Logo

Much more coming soon on Midwest Eye (Baxter, Minnesota) and Dr. Jacqueline McCall, who has taken good care of reading eyes for over 30 years. In the meantime, visit the website by clicking on the logo. You’ll like what you see there. Dr. Jacqueline McCall

Issue Sponsor: Not Amy’s Farm / Aprile Lack

Not Amy's Farm Storefront

Not Amy's Farm LogoMuch more coming soon on Not Amy’s Farm, “A Health and Happiness Boutique” in Pillager, Minnesota. Click on the logo to have a good look around.

Issue Sponsor: Scout & Morgan Books / Judith Kissner

Scout and Morgan Books Logo

Much more about Scout & Morgan Books in Cambridge, Minnesota and its owner, Judith Kissner, coming very soon. In the meantime, Click on the Scout & Morgan logo to visit their website: