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5″x7″ paperbound editionsDummy FPE book

approximately 60 pages

perfect bound (with a lettered spine)

beautiful, original cover art

priced with care


In the works


SG Poster jpg1. stone gathering: a reader

a quarterly collection of hand-picked short-form literature that welcomes an educationally, geographically, and culturally diverse readership. Most selections will have been gleaned from previously published work, but a short open-submission period will be available annually in order to consider new work.*

Vol.1, Issue.1 is slated for Spring/Summer 2019.


2. pas de deux chapbook series: conversations

a chapbook for two writers (not necessarily poets), dancing with each other over, around, and through a timely (or timeless) question, idea or issue about which they and our readers care deeply. Two or more chapbooks will be published annually, starting mid-year 2020.

3. one-act play series —

drama, as good reading material, should never have fallen out of favor. Some of the short and one-act plays we collect in this series will emerge from our annual contest, slated to begin early 2021. But we will also hand select already published work that deserves wider exposure beyond its first printing.


*We are not accepting submissions at this time. Please watch this space and follow our forthcoming Facebook page for future calls and timelines for open submissions. Thank you!

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