About DDL

Danielle Dufy Literary is primarily a publishing company for short-form literature–poetry, micro fiction, flash essay, short drama. We also actively engage in building wider readership for literary short-forms and evangelistically support Independent Booksellers, for whom short-form literature can sometimes be a hard sell.

To begin, Danielle Dufy Literary will publish under the imprint French Press Editions: French Press Logo portable, affordable, collectible literature– marketed exclusively to Indie Booksellers, but also available here on the website (individually or by subscription) and perhaps at a book fair or festival near you. Click here  to learn more about French Press Editions.

Deborah Jacobs–publisher, poet, evangelist–is the proprietor of Danielle Dufy Literary. Danielle Dufy, Deborah’s name in high school French class, has been waiting decades for its perfect embodiment. Welcome to Danielle Dufy Literary.

Danielle Dufy, c’est moi. Point Reyes National Seashore