For Graduates in the Time of Pandemic


Complete Set Collage

Many of us are casting about right now for just the right gift for that special graduate, for the young person we hold dear and who will be striking off on their own into a world that is, in the time of pandemic, more uncertain than ever. As someone who wishes them well, who wants them to succeed (in whatever way they define success) the question becomes, what can I give? what can I offer that can help them on their way?

How about the gift of Stone Gathering? How about the gift of powerful, meaningful and inviting poems, stories and essays by writers from every walk of life– writers who happen to know a thing or two about the human condition in most of its varied iterations and circumstances. With the company of Stone Gathering Readers, your graduate will never be without intellectual and emotional 5-up Vol. 1-flyercompanions; they’ll never lack for hands to hold or for words to live by, to study, to treasure or to share.

And you can start your graduate at the beginning with the Complete Set: Volume 1, so they don’t miss a beat. And/or gift them a subscription so they’ll have a quarterly reminder that you know they are smart, capable, curious, multi-dimensional, that you have confidence they are going somewhere– of their own devising, of course. And Stone Gathering is a gift that never gets old or out of date; it keeps giving all year, and, as collectible literature—for years to come. A perfect sending gift.

Complete Set CollageComplete Set: Volume One, Issues 1-5: $49.95 (plus tax and shipping).

One-year gift subscriptions (5 issues): $42  (no tax, no shipping).


Both are available in our online store: https://danielle-dufy-literary.square.site/Summer 20 front only (1)

Or, for an add-on gift, consider a single issue, sold here.


These are unprecedented times. We’re all navigating uncharted waters. Our hearts are with your graduates. We wish them the best future ever and all the support they’ll need to get there.



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