A Gift for the Graduate

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It strikes me that a subscription to Stone Gathering: A Reader is the perfect gift for a graduate you hold dear– a young person who, for the first time, will soon be striking off into the world, mostly on their own. As an adult who loves this young man or woman, wishes them well, wants them to succeed, what can you give to help them along the way?

How about the work collected in our quarterly reader? (You can read more about it here and here.) How about these powerful, meaningful and inviting poems, stories and essays by writers from every walk of life, writers who, cumulatively, understand the human condition in most of its varied iterations and circumstances? How about a portable, personal reservoir of strength, comfort, sustenance, and inspiration?

With the Stone Gathering reader, your graduate will never be without intellectual companions, hands to hold, words to live by, to treasure or to share, words that spark thought and sometimes action. And they will have a quarterly reminder that you care, that you know they are smart, capable, curious, multi-dimensional, going somewhere.

What a gift something like Stone Gathering: A Reader would have been for my own dear young self. And heaven knows, I could have used it! A subscription to Stone Gathering is a gift that keeps giving all year and–as collectible literature—for years to come. Why not send a graduate you love on their way with it.

Gift subscriptions are $42 annually. That’s $3.50/month or about 12¢/day: a small price to pay for something that can make such a big difference.

You’ll find the store and subscription page here. And we’ll send the beautiful card above by snail mail to announce your gift to the graduate. If, instead, you’d like to give a single issue of Stone Gathering, here’s how you do that.

Thank you for considering. And we wish your particular graduate the best future ever!



A Perfect Gift for Mom


The first Stone Gathering reader has exceeded my expectations in its rich mix of poetry, short fiction, and short essays–and in the power, the reach, and the relevance of each individual contribution. I can’t wait for you to hold this book in your hands, to savor its offerings, to know what I mean by short-form literature that is exquisite, welcoming, collectible.  You can read more about it here and here.

It strikes me that a subscription to Stone Gathering: A Reader is the perfect gift for a reading mom, a gift that keeps giving all year and–as collectible literature–for years to come. As a mom myself and one who, at my age, doesn’t need anything, receiving a gift this thoughtful, delightful, inspired and inspiring would be the bee’s knees! (Now there’s a dated expression!  but one that fell delightfully from my own mother’s lips on a regular basis–rest her very sweet soul).

I feel equally certain the Stone Gathering reader would make an ideal graduation or off-to-college gift: a bit of sustenance, succor, armor for the exciting and challenging road ahead.

French Press LogoThe special early bird rate remains available through 5/15 and ordering is seamless. For gift subscriptions, please do fill in your mother’s (or other recipient’s) mailing address, but please put your own email in the space provided, so that you will get the receipt. We’ll send mom a lovely snail mail card  announcing your gift.

You’ll find the store and subscription page here.

Thank you! And Happy Mothers Day!