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Get Your Indie On! a challenge for 2019

My challenge to you in 2019: step up your support of Independent Booksellers, in any and every way you can.

Zenith Bookstore, Duluth, Minnesota.

Part I: If there’s an Independent Bookstore near you, shop there. If, sadly, your area doesn’t have one, then familiarize yourself with the Indie Bound website. Indie Bound sells books. They don’t sell electronics, food, auto parts, clothing, dog collars, or widgets of any kind. Just books. Buy your books right on the Indie Bound website or use their handy bookstore locator to find a store in or near your zip code.

Personal benefits:

  • you won’t be filling the already over-stuffed pockets of one of the richest men in the world
  • you’ll be supporting a ‘mom and pop’, a main street, a local economy–yours or someone else’s
  • you’ll make new friends (and good ones); indie sellers are among the best people on earth.
  • you’ll be more appreciated than you can possibly imagine

Part II: If you are on FaceBook: post a pic there of each book you read in 2019 by linking to that book’s page on the Indie Bound website. If you link to books on your blog, do the same. It’s not only that you will be linking to Indie Bound, it’s that you won’t be linking to that other place, not sending traffic their way. And you’ll be spreading the word visually (which sticks with folks).

If you aren’t on FaceBook, find other ways to spread the Indie word. For example, if you’re an author who sells books, always include Indie Bound among your website or blog links. Ditto for Libraries, Art Centers and any other organizations that host authors or sell books and link to them on their event sites. Find a way to promote your independence from… well… you know who. And show it!

I first issued this Indie challenge on FaceBook to usher in the new year.  I’ve since seen some very creative ways of supporting local bookstores, including some friends who offered to help with their local bookstore’s annual inventory. (Bravo! and how fun must that have been!)

There’s a lot a stake. Be creative. Be vigilant. Get your Indie on!

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