A warm welcome to Danielle Dufy, c’est moi, the website and blog of someone you might otherwise know as Deborah — writer, reader, vegetable gardener, table setter, queen of the road. Why Danielle Dufy?  That was my name in high school French class, at which time I could not possibly have foretold how I would hold that young French girl in my heart my whole life. What Danielle has meant to me / still means to me (as, among other things, a lifelong guardian of my best hopes) is well worth honoring here. I’m working on a title poem for the About page. I’ll let you know when I have it.

So what will you find at Danielle Dufy, c’est moi? That’s a good question. I’ve blogged before, ages ago, when blogs were still called ‘web logs’ for Pete’s sake; and there were relatively few people doing it so that very tight nationwide, even international communities–of garden bloggers, food bloggers, book bloggers–formed easily and firmly.  I still have some of those friends. Back then, I posted about gardening, cooking, traveling, and reading.  I’m guessing there will be some of all that here too.

But Danielle Dufy (as is her way) emboldens me to talk about writing in this place as well, even though I am pretty new to the kind of writing I am now trying to do, and even more new to sharing it with anyone. I certainly haven’t abandoned the essay, which is a natural outlet I suppose for someone who’s written academically and journalistically; but I want even my essays to be more creative, imaginative, out-of-the box. I’m writing some poetry which isn’t over-good yet. But that’s okay. I am patient. I keep working. And I am willing to grow better in ways that matter to me (which means, I think, coming closer and closer to my own authentic voice, style, expression with each poem). And here’s a surprise. I have been gob smacked by the urge to write fiction. I say ‘gob smacked’ because at no point in my life would I have predicted it or believed I was in any way equipped for or interested in being a writer of fiction. But I am a faithful listener to my gut in all things. So bring it on.

For now, Danielle Dufy, c’est moi will stay a humble, self-designed, self-managed place and I may lumber along a bit in that regard. (Aging isn’t making me any more tech saavy, I’m afraid). But I know who to call if I need help, or if I want more bells and whistles; and I’m very grateful to Corey at MidState-Design for that assurance. So wish me luck in this new space, and please do come on back.   ~ Deborah



2 responses to “Bonjour!

  1. Looks great, DD. Glad to see your words entering the world. Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you, thank you Ms. Mary. I hope there will be many more. And thank you for your own words, always so inspiring.

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